How To

Step 1: Surface prep

The first step is to prepare the surface you wish to apply the sticker to so that no dirt, dust, grease or residue remains. Be sure to completely remove any waxes, gloss protectors or enhancers before you install, as these will all prevent adhesion to the surface. For best results use our application spray or equivalent. If you’re at a pinch then soap and hot water can be used (be sure to rinse the surface thoroughly after with clean water, if you do not clean it off adequately you will leave a layer of soap residue that will affect adhesion). Do not use any dedicated glass cleaners as most of these are ammonia-based and leave a slick coating on the surface, causing the decal to peel, and will out-gas causing bubbles.

Ensure the surface is completely dry before continuing to step 2.

Step 2: Sticker Prep

Prepare the sticker for application by firmly rubbing the felt edge of the squeegee or something with a thin edge, like a credit card against the decal, pressing the transfer tape against the vinyl. This removes any air bubbles that may have formed in transit and allows the sticker to cling to the transfer tape. Although we prep them ourselves before sending, they can move during shipping which is perfectly normal.

Step 3: Peel away

Peel the paper backing off the sticker. If the sticker clings to the backing, slowly replace the paper backing and repeat the previous step. Smaller letters can sometimes be tricky, we advise using your fingers to push against the backing paper gently forcing the sticker to cling to the sticky application tape.

Step 4: Place!

Place the sticker onto the desired surface and press it down firmly, working from the center outwards with a squeegee or a clean cloth. If there are air bubbles, try to work them out towards the edges if you can (you can always use a pin to remove any large air bubbles after). For best results, we advise waiting 10-15 minutes for sufficient adhesion to take place before moving on to the next step. Like car paintwork, the quality and longevity of a sticker are all down to the preparation.

Step 5: Done!

Slowly peel the application tape off, at a right angle or parallel to the surface. Be careful not to just pull the application tape upwards as you may pull the sticker off the surface. If the sticker pulls away from the surface then repeat the previous step.

You can now step back and admire your handywork!